Neotex S.A.

Company Description: 
NEOTEX® has been involved in the field of construction materials and building chemicals since 1959, being pioneer in the introduction of new materials and the education of the local market on waterproofing issues. Since that distant beginning, the cornerstone that evolved into the corpotate strategy, has been to differentiate quality-wise. The success stories have quickly granted the company an established presence in the whole spectrum of the market: building materials' wholesalers, construction companies, big contractors, architect offices, retailers, factories, institutions, shipyards, etc. all over Greece.

Nowadays, NEOTEX® has a multi-level activity (R&D, production, exports, marketing, after sales support) in order to serve in the best possible way the needs of the market. The company is differentiated not only in quality, but also innovation and technical support, enjoying long-term relations with its customers, employees & partners.
In line with its strategy for constant development, NEOTEX® has relocated in a new joint plant & distribution centre in the Industrial Area of Mandra, Attica, equipped with new machinery that have significantly increased the capacity both on existing highly recognized products and on innovative formulations. All the requests of various European legislations concerning safety and hygiene, have been taken into account during its construction: the new installation consists of state of the art environmentally friendly premises meeting the requirements for certified products (CE, low VOCs, food and beverage, etc).
Running the sixth decade, NEOTEX® maintains the fundamental principles of its operation, formulated through 52 years of function, as well as the expertise gained from the continuous contact with the market.
Implementing the strategic decision for further internationalization, NEOTEX® established two Export Departments, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki, in order to serve the best possible way its expanding export clientele. Moreover, the export partners and representatives, apart from purchasing an innovative, competitive, qualitative and wide range of products, have the benefit of a constant technical & commercial support by NEOTEX® specialists along with modern brochures and videos, attractive packing, illustrious posters, application samples, materials and leaflets stands and many other promotion supporting actions from the company.
This past and present experience, innovation, specialization, together with a well-perceived and carefully executed development plan, allow NEOTEX® to look into the future with optimism and to present even more products and solutions, keeping in paramount place the initial goal: the satisfaction of you.
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