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All4Greece.com operates according to the international laws on copyrights and rights reserved. All4Greece.com does not have any responsibility for reliability and validity of data and list of services uploaded on the website because they have been suggested by companies. It is companies' obligation to provide their profile/presentation/services with real and valid data.
All4Greece.com does not have any responsibility for any kind of transactions and/or business/private collaboration and/or differences/discrepancies that may occur between different parts/companies.
Services and utilization of data, unless otherwise described, belong to All4Greece.com and are available to users of the site strictly for personal use. Their use for commercial purposes is prohibited unless if there is written permission of All4Greece.com.
Additionally, without written permission there is no authorization to:
  • Distribute the contents (content) of All4Greece.com.
  • Create any database with systematic access to the system.
  • Use individual data if it is not mentioned that the source is All4Greece.com.

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