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All4Greece.com supports Greek Companies Export. In our website you can find free information (including product images, projects, certificates, contact details, etc) on a variety of Greek companies in every sector, investment opportunities in Greece, market studies etc.

All4Greece.com operates Under the Auspices of the UNION OF HELLENIC CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE and INDUSTRY.

All4Greece.com is a national export initiative that aims to provide high quality services to companies and increase sales of Greek products. Our main objective is to bring together Greek and foreign companies and contribute to their cooperation, as well as promote Greek products with competitive advantages in foreign markets.

As part of this initiative, All4Greece.com has online universal exposure and part of our strategy is to be displayed internationally on forums, conferences and exhibitions around the world.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Organize business exchanges between Greek and foreign companies.
  • Establish partnerships between Greek and foreign companies in the Global Marketplace.
  • Develop export activity and global presence of Greek companies.
  • Provide financial and qualitative data of Greek companies that interest you.
  • Provide global markets research reports and analysis for the advertisement, promotion and augmentation of Greek companies’ exports.
  • Provide information about investment opportunities in Greece.
  • Provide information about the Greek market and products to help you address your needs.
  • Assist foreign companies interested in Greek products with competitive advantages and of high quality.
  • Provide consulting services in investments' free funding / subsidies, logistics, costing, banking services (leasing, leaseback, loans etc.).
  • Promote Greek products in international exhibitions.
  • Support on acquiring and implementing quality management standards (ISO, HACCP etc.).
  • Assist in the development of Business Plans.
  • Provide know-how assistance (technical & economic studies, financial services, feasibility studies etc.).
  • Help with Lean Practices for continuous improvement.
  • Support sustainable development in all aspects (economical, environmental and social).
  • Offer website design assistance.
  • Promote innovation.
  • Work in partnership (in a win-win situation) with your priorities in order to deliver your aspirations.

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